A brief history

For the first time courses of continuing medical education in surgery were organized in 1962, when on February 19 the faculty of CME was established by the order nr.86 of the Minister of Health.  In February 1963 ass. professor P.I.Poleacov  was designated as the first chief of the course, which was organized at the Emergency Hospital.   From September he was followed by Zoia Gorbushin, and from 1968 untill 1977 the chief of course was I.H.Cutarov. Professor E.I.Semeniuc conducted the course of surgery in the period between 1978 and 1990. Beginning from 1991 the course of surgery became university department. Professor E.Maloman conducted department until 1998, when was retired. At that time the position of chief of department was entrusted to associate professor Nicolae Gladun.

Actual staff of the department is consisted of:

N.Gladun, PhD, professor – chief of the department, E.Maloman, PhD, professor – consultant, V.Iaz, PhD, ass. professor, E.Cetuleanu, PhD, ass. professor, O.Contu, PhD, ass. professor, E.Bernaz, PhD, ass. professor, N.Sipitco, PhD, ass. professor and C.Lepadatu, PhD, ass. professor, chief of curriculum.

Part-time employees: S.Ungureanu, PhD, ass. professor,  I.Balica, PhD, ass. professor, chief of department of thoracic surgery, Republican Clinical Hospital and university assistant, thoracic surgeon – I.Maxim.

Main directions of activity of Department of Surgery, CME faculty are: surgery of esophagus, thoracic and abdominal surgical infections, gastro-esophageal reflux disease, treatment of “diabetic foot”, surgical treatment of vascular disorders and vascular trauma. On the ground of accumulated clinical material approximately 600 articles and abstracts, one manual and 10 doctoral theses were published.

Clinical basis of the department is comprised from 3 specialized surgical units of Republican Clinical Hospital:

  1. General surgery – 65 beds, inclusively 20 beds designated for patients with “diabetic foot”
  2. Thoracic surgery – 30 beds (this department gave origin to specialized thoracic surgery in Moldova from 1961)
  3. Vascular surgery (the only vascular surgery department in Moldova)

Annually more than 3500 patients are treated in these 3 units, more than 3000 operations are performed, and approximately one half of them are performed by the university workers. Many of these interventions are innovatory for Moldova.

Actually, there are three doctoral fellows at the Department of Surgery, CME faculty. They pursue scientific researches related to myasthenia gravis, reconstructive surgery of the abdominal wall, minimally invasive surgery of esophagus.